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At Battle for Bully, we often get many of the same questions. This rescue is run by volunteers who dedicate their free time to saving our beloved bullies. In light of this, we ask you read our FAQ page familiarize with our organization.

01. "Do you adopt out of state?"

Yes. Battle for the Bully will adopt out of statue to the right home. This depends on our ability to secure a home visit and the adopters willingness to travel. We do not ship our Bullies via air or multi-dog transport.

02. "What are the adoption fees?"

Adoption fees vary based on age. All of our dogs come spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, up to date on preventative, and microchipped before adoption.


· All Ages = $350 

03. "What are your adoption requirements?"

a. Bully experience is preferred but not required. An inexperienced or first time Bully owner MUST have researched the breed and be knowledgeable about their unique needs and common medical issues. 

b. ALL Adopted dogs will be indoor, family pets, no exceptions. 

c. ALL other pets (dogs and cats) must be up to date on vaccinations and preventatives. 

d. ALL other pets (dogs and cats) must be spayed or neutered.

05. "Does Battle for Bully provide dog food for foster homes?"

Most of our foster homes provide dog food for their fosters as a deductible donation. If you are unable to provide dog food for your foster, Battle for the Bully will have food shipped or provide funds to purchase.

06. "What vet services are the foster home responsible for?"

Battle for the Bully is responsible for all medical and preventatives. We pay the vets directly or refund based on receipts. However, fosters must take their Bully to a rescue approved vet. All visits MUST be approved by the Board of Directors.

07. "Are adopters required to have a fenced-in yard?"

This will be handled on a case by case basis. The individual needs of the Bully will be assessed before determining if a fence is required.

08. "Do you adopt to homes with 

young children?"

We do not adopt to homes with children under the age of eight (8) years old.  Each application with children in the home over this age will be handled on a case by case basis. This will depend on the history of the dog and experience of the adopters.

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